Twitter CENSORS WHITE HOUSE Staff and President. This has conservatives thinking..

Much controversy has surrounded recent coverage of Joe Biden’s son, and the dealings with Ukraine. New emails have emerged from the New York Post that both the President and the Press Secretary have shared on Twitter. They were put in Twitter jail for posting links to the story below.

The link to the New York Post “misinformation” is here.

This story is still being investigated, even if it does not implicate criminal behavior it is still a topic that conservatives wish to address. The fact that Twitter and Facebook will ban leaders of the Republican party for mentioning this story is pretty amazing.

It makes conservatives think about what the path forward will look like if major media will continue to censor conservative opinion. Subcommittees from Congress have already met on this issue before and this does legitimize some of the claims of bias. Ted Cruz this week sent a letter asking about this behavior.

Conservatives typically shy away from regulating business, but with the ubiquity of Facebook and Twitter they may choose to go for regulation. There are other options such as switching to another platform such as Gab, a social media company that prioritizes free speech, to hear unfiltered conservative opinion.

If you have any thoughts about this issue, please share your thoughts below.

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