Kamala Harris’ comments on Senate Hearings

Photo by Colin Lloyd on Pexels.com

Kamala Harris addressed the Senate from a remote location, and immediately struck out at the Hearings for meeting during Covid-19. Kamala stated, “This hearing has brought together more than 50 people to sit inside of a closed-door room for hours while our nation faces a deadly airborne virus. This committee has ignored commonsense requests to keep people safe.”

Kamala began railing against the focus of the Senate to “ram” through an appointee, and instead said the Senate should be focused on the health of well-being of citizens during the pandemic. Kamala said the the vacancy should be filled after the election, citing that Americans want to wait for the results before a confirmation.

Harris went on to use a the Democratic talking point of the speed of the nomination being related to the upcoming hearing on the Affordable Care Act on the Nov. 10. Democrats have been using anecdotes to support the Affordable Care Act, and related restrictions on insurance companies. Kamala used this tactic by using a young girl named Micah, with pre-existing medical conditions, to support her inevitable vote against the confirmation.

Kamala along with other Democrats on the committee have maintained that if Amy Coney Barrett were to be elected, it would undo the “advancements” that Ruth Bader Ginsburg fought for. This gives credence to the arguments that Republicans make about Democrats intent for the Supreme Court to be a legislative body.

She did not speak to the record of Amy Coney Barrett and instead focused on other issues with the nomination. Her statements, along with her colleagues, paints a picture of distrust of Amy Coney Barrett despite her record and judicial philosophy.

Later this week, Kamala will take part in questioning Amy Coney Barrett, and how she approaches this questioning may have an effect on the Democratic ticket.

For more on the Democrats’ views on the Supreme Court check out : Biden Refuses to Answer on Packing the Court

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