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The Vice Presidential debate is set for this Wednesday with Vice President Pence and Kamala Harris taking the stage. The current situations of both Presidential candidates raises the stakes for their VPs.

If elected Biden, who is 77 years old currently, would be the oldest sitting president. This raises the attention placed on Kamala Harris who ran a rather short campaign, due to her unpopularity. She needs to be viewed as a serious replacement if Biden was to pass away suddenly. Biden campaigned on being a moderate candidate, while Kamala had supported agendas such as tough gun laws and the premise of the Green New Deal.

Trump is currently is doing well, but is hospitalized at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center with Covid-19. If Trump’s illness was to worsen it would be necessary for Pence to take the lead. His positions are similar to many of Trump’s, but his demeanor may win over more Americans.

This year’s election is considered by many to be a turn out election and the Vice Presidential debate may mean little to voters. However, if anything worsens soon for either candidate, people may return to this debate for guidance.

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