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Time and Format of the Debate

The Presidential Debate is set to air at 9PM EST today in Cleveland, Ohio. The moderator is Fox News’ own Chris Wallace.

Wallace has already said he plans to remain as “invisible as possible“, according to Fox News. This should allow them to hash out these issues in their own fashion. Each of the topics will be have a 15-minute segments which are chosen by Wallace.

The topics are as following:

The Coronavirus Pandemic

The Coronavirus has swept through the country and most of the world, with the U.S. death toll passing 200,000. Biden has heavily criticized Trump’s handling of the pandemic, and put forth plans while the virus was still raging. While Trump had difficulty handling the rhetoric surrounding the coronavirus, no state had a shortage of ventilators at any time. Trump closed off air travel from affected countries to try and stop the virus from coming in, particularly China, which the mainstream Democrats heavily disapproved of. The pandemic is still a point of contention with the prediction of secondary waves hitting this Winter.

The Economy

The economy was at an all-time high before the coronavirus pandemic resulted in fear and lockdowns. Probably the greatest impact on the economy was due to the excessive lockdowns in large cities that exacerbated poverty. Restaurants and bars have remained closed for months on end in multiple states. This has been polling as one of the most important issues for voters, and they will have to answer on how they will kickstart the economy.

Supreme Court Nomination

Following the recent death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the Republicans have proceeded to move forward with the approval process for the next justice. Amy Comey Barrett, 48, is the nominee that is up for approval, she currently sits on the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. Barrett has a record of protecting conservative values and is a proponent for originalism for the Constitution. Barrett also served as a law clerk for the late Justice Scalia, and draws inspiration from his perspectives.

Conflict arises from this appointment because of Republican refusal to vote on Merrick Garland in 2016. Democrats say there is not enough time for the nominee to be properly vetted and also maintaining that what happened in 2016 makes this power politics.

Republicans say this issue is different from the 2016 situation because Republicans controlled the Senate while Obama was president. Republicans call on historical precedent to support this time with both control of the presidency and the Senate. Democrats have threatened to derail this effort, so we will have to what ammo is in their “quiver”.

Violence and Protests

Following the death of George Floyd in late May wide-scale protesting and riots have been commonplace following every police shooting of a black person, whether justified or not. Trump has decried the rioting with his message of “LAW AND ORDER” and he has used federal police to assist when federal property was being vandalized. Mainstream Democrats have called for movements like defunding police departments in favor of moving money towards social programs. Biden has said that he supports redirecting funds and pushing for policing reforms. Large cities have held back their police in the aftermath of George Floyd, resulting in a rise in violent crime that can be attributed to this restriction.

Election Integrity

Both of these candidates have done damage to the peoples’ interpretations of how fair the election will be. The American people want to know if Donald Trump will commit to a transfer of power if the election is proven to be fair. They also want to know that Democrats will play fair and allow the election to run its course without threat of violence. Biden will most likely have to speak to Hillary Clinton’s statements of refusing to cede the election.

Candidates’ Records

Biden is a career politician who Americans are concerned about his mental health with gaffes and constant confusion. He will need to defend Hunter Biden’s most recent scandal and show that he will not abuse his office for personal gain. Biden will also need to speak to his decisions of the past and how he intends to lead Americans into the future.

Trump continues to stir up controversy and produce ire among the media for his words and actions. Trump did not handle the rhetoric of the coronavirus well and will need to speak on his “downplaying” of the information that he had earlier. The recent “bombshell” report from the NYT on his tax documents will be brought up and how he will answer is to be determined.

In a time of division it will help if one candidate can calm the American people and provide some sense of security in these times.

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